Support Services – Painting and Laser Engraving

Our goal is to shorten your leadtime and improve quality by performing as many of the processes required to make your parts as possible. In addition to assembly and machining, Cobalt also provides services to support efficient processing of your parts.


Paint Booth photo
Cobalt painting operations provide us with the ability to quickly finish your parts with a high-quality finish. We tightly control our processes to produce a high-quality, repeatable finish:

  • Our Downside Draft Paint Booth mitigated FOD and controls overspray.
  • Our ovens are controlled to +/-10oF to ensure proper curing.
  • Our laser masking operations produces high accuracy masking with clean edges.

Laser Engraving and Masking

Cobalt’s C02 LaserPro equipment allows us to:

  • manufacture a wide array of aerospace placards and labels
  • perform many other types of engraving including MIL-C-130 part marking, barcoding, and artwork
  • produce high tolerance masking for our painting operations