Support Services – Painting and Laser Engraving

Our goal is to shorten your leadtime and improve quality by performing as many of the processes required to make your parts as possible. In addition to assembly and machining, Cobalt also provides services to support efficient processing of your parts.

In-House Paint Services for Our Customers

Cobalt in-house painting supplies a high-quality, repeatable finish through a tightly-controlled process. Our downdraft paint booth mitigates FOD and controls overspray.

1 – 10’ x 20’ Downdraft-style aerospace paint booth

1 – Despatch Oven controlled to +/-10oF to ensure proper curing.

Masking – Per customer requirements

Primer Coats – BAC, MIL, Crane and other customer requirements

Top Coats – BAC, MIL, Crane and other customer requirements

Commercial Laser Improves Part Quality

Part-Marking – Per MIL-STD-130 (Laser Bonding)

Placard – Large material sampling including Anodized Aluminum

Masking/Gaskets – Precut paint masking in any configuration along with cork/rubber gasket repeatability to .001.