photo of woman in assembly area

Cobalt, an AS 9100D certified business, is extremely active in the Aerospace market. We specialize in the manufacture of assemblies, sub-assemblies and aerospace details – everything from landing gear assemblies to first class seat structures. Areas of expertise include Aerospace Interiors, Structures and parts for Instrumentation/Sensors/Control.

In addition to high tolerance machining and fabrication operations, our heat treat facility is both NADCAP and Boeing D1-4426 approved. We are approved to paint for many aerospace OEMs.

Aerospace Interiors

  • Seat Structures
  • Stow bin structures
  • Decorative Trims
  • PSU Rails
  • Seat track and fittings
  • Monument Brackets
  • Monument Extrusions
  • Foot fittings
Manufacturing Examples
Seatsphoto of seat assemblyphoto of seat trackphoto of double seat
Stow Binphoto of PSU railphoto of bin side fittingphoto of bin
Monumentsphoto of arm chair detailphoto of trimphoto of interior

Aerospace Structures

  • Structural Fittings
  • Frames
  • Links
  • Wing Cords
  • Body Cords
  • Fairings
  • Seal Retainers
  • Clevises
Manufacturing Examples
Doorsphoto of brakephoto of seal retainerphoto of door
Wingsphoto of trailing edgephoto of trackphoto of wing flap
Fuselagephoto of stringersphoto of box fittingphoto of fuselage

Instrumentation and Control

  • Fuel Flowmeter Components
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Brake Temp Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor Housing
  • Accelerometer Components
  • Thermal Sensor Housings
Manufacturing Examples
Landing Gearturned fittinglanding assylanding gear
Enginephoto of fuel-flow partlong pistonengine