Cobalt, an AS 9100D certified business, is extremely active in the Aerospace market. We specialize in the manufacture of assemblies, sub-assemblies and aerospace details – everything from landing gear assemblies to first class seat structures. Areas of expertise include Aerospace Interiors, Structures and parts for Instrumentation/Sensors/Control.

In addition to high tolerance machining and fabrication operations, our heat treat facility is both NADCAP and Boeing D1-4426 approved. We are approved to paint for many aerospace OEM’s.

Aerospace Interiors

  • Seat Structures
  • Stow bin structures
  • Decorative Trims
  • PSU Rails
  • Seat track and fittings
  • Monument Brackets
  • Monument Extrusions
  • Foot fittings

Manufacturing Examples

Seats seat assembly seat track double seat
Stow Bin psu rail bin side fitting bin
Monuments arm chair detail trim interior

Aerospace Structures

  • Structural Fittings
  • Frames
  • Links
  • Wing Cords
  • Body Cords
  • Fairings
  • Seal Retainers
  • Clevises

Manufacturing Examples

Doors brake seal retainer door
Wings trailing edge track wing flap
Fuselage stringers box fitting fuselage

Instrumentation and Control

  • Fuel Flowmeter Components
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Brake Temp Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor Housing
  • Accelerometer Components
  • Thermal Sensor Housings

Manufacturing Examples

Landing Gear turned fitting landing assy landing gear
Engine gold with holes long piston engine
Aerospace June 17, 2016