Sheet Metal

Cobalt manufactures sheet metal for various commercial, aerospace, defense, space and other applications.

Cobalt cuts with leading edge technology

photo of Prima Power LPe6f
Prima Power LPe6f Electric and Fiber Laser Combo Machine System

Our Prima Power LPe6f, 4000-watt fiber laser combined with a 62-station turret, is the most capable and efficient punch/laser combo today.  It allows for cutting unlimited shapes and high-speed production capabilities to meet your deadline with precision. We can cut aluminum, steel and stainless steel:

  • Aluminum (various alloys): 0.020″ – 0.188″ thick
  • Steel (CRS HRS, EGS, Galvanized, Galvanneal): 0.020″ – 0.250″ thick
  • Stainless Steel (various alloys): 0.020″ – 0.250″ thick
photo of machinist at LPe6f controls
Machinist at LPe6f controls
  • No carbon left on edges
  • Eliminates extra deburr for paint and powder adhesion
  • Maximum sheet size 60”x120”
  • Material tower
  • Lights Out operation
  • 9 auto-indexing tool stations
  • Cuts up to 5 times faster than C02 laser.

Combination of 20- and 30-ton punch turrets supports mid- to low-volume runs

Got some parts that you don’t need a lot of?  Our two punch turrets are the answer to support your needs.

photo of Amada Vipros 357
Amada Vipros 357

Amada Vipros 357

  • 30-ton, 58 station turret with 2 auto-indexing tools
  • Maximum tools size 4.500”
  • Maximum sheet size 48”x72” with no reposition
  • Hydraulically controlled ram

Finn Power P5 Turret Punch Press

  • 20-ton, 58 station turret with 8 auto-indexing tools
  • Maximum tools size 3.500”
  • Maximum sheet size 48”x48” with no reposition
  • Hydraulically-controlled ram

Forming the future

Our Prima Finn-Power is tended by a Kuka robot. This allows us to run production non-stop and doesn’t require multiple people for forming heavy parts. Other production supporting press-brakes range from 4 to 10 foot bend lengths and up to 8 axis. We also have several roll form machines.

photo of machinist at forming machine

photo of Kuka robot

photo of Amada Promecam
Top: Machinist at forming machine
Middle: Kuka robot   Bottom: Amada Promecam
  • Hydraulic and Electric Press Brakes
  • Servo-electric press brake
    • Tended by a robot
  • Amada HFB 1253
    • 125-metric ton
    • 8-axis
    • 10-foot bend length
  • Amada HM 1003
    • 100-metric ton
    • 4-axis
    • 10-foot bend length
  • Amada HFB 1003
    • 100-metric ton
    • 8-axis
    • 10-foot bend length
  • Amada RG-100
    • 100-metric ton
    • 2-axis
    • 8-foot bend length
  • Hurco
    • 90 metric ton
    • 2-axis
    • 8-foot bend length
  • Cincinnati
    • 90-metric ton
    • 2-axis
    • 6-foot bend length
  • Diacro
    • 12-ton
    • 2-axis
    • 4-foot bend length
  • Diacro
    • 40-ton
    • 2-axis
    • 6-foot bend length

Just weld it!

Featuring our Wolf Robotic welder, we have the equipment to meet your welding requirements.  Processes include MIG/TIG and spot-welding. We can weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

photo of Wolf Robotic welder
Wolf Robotic welder
photo of welder
Cobalt welder