Cobalt provides a wide range of paint and related services including laser masking, paint, engraving, part-marking, direct-jet printing, silk-screening and a 900-foot powder-coating line.

photo of oven

Painting & Finishing

Cobalt painting operations provide us with the ability to quickly finish your parts with a high-quality finish. We tightly control our processes to produce a high-quality, repeatable finish. Our Downside Draft Paint Booth mitigates foreign object debris (FOD) and controls overspray. Our ovens are controlled to +/-10oF to ensure proper curing.

Laser Masking & Engraving

Cobalt’s CO-2 LaserPro Equipment allows us to produce high accuracy masking with clean edges; manufacture a wide array of aerospace-grade placards and labels; and perform many of types of engraving including MIL-C-130 part-marking, barcoding and artwork.

photo of DirectJet printing samples
DirectJet printing samples

DirectJet Printing & Silkscreening

Cobalt can silkscreen logos, text and art onto your parts. We also have a DirectJet Printing which allows multiple colors to be applied in one session for better alignment and color quality.


Our 900-foot powder coating line is one of the largest in the region. Besides the five-stage washline, our powder coating line includes multiple booths for applying primer and topcoats.

photo of powder line shot
Powder line shot
photo of powder pallet
Powder pallet
photo of double powder booth
Double powder booth