photo of man assembling product

photo of man assembling

photo of man holding punching tool

The majority of parts Cobalt manufactures are painted, kitted with hardware and made into assemblies. Many of our assemblies are complex with dozens and even hundreds of individual parts. Customers find our vertical orientation saves cost, increases quality and reduces project time. Cobalt customers depend on our training, skill and experience for assemblies ranging from a single operation to complex assemblies. Our Assembly services are dedicated to Cobalt machining customers only. Our facilities include 15,000 square feet of bright, clean, organized space with hundreds of specialized tools for mechanical, electrical and other assembly processes.

Examples of our services include:

  • Adhesives – (Bonding) BAC 5010 specifications
  • Bolt & Nut – Installation and torque to specifications
  • Bonding – (Electrical) BAC 5117 specifications
  • Bushing – In-house manufacturing of all BAC bushings
  • Bushing – (Shrink Fit) BAC 5435 specifications
  • Clinch-nuts – Crane 51.00.02 specifications
  • Drilling – As well as honing and reaming
  • Electrical – Installation to specifications including Bonding.
  • Helicoil – BAC5064, MA1567, NASM33537, MS33537
  • Hi-Locks – All BAC 5004 specifications
  • Inserts – Helicoil and Key Lock All BAC 5004 specs
  • Insulation – Installed to specifications
  • Mechanical – Installation to specifications.
  • Nut Plates – BAC 5009 specifications
  • Riveting – “C” Squeeze, Hand, Pull, Wet and More
  • Sealing – All BAC 5000 specifications

Examples of our work: